How To Wear Heart Shaped Jewellery

How To Wear Heart Shaped Jewellery

A heart necklace as a perfect gift for Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary, Christmas or any other celebration of love - that's what many thought and so it happens that every woman has a necklace with a heart pendant or a similar piece of jewelry in her jewelry box heart shape found.

But sometimes you have no idea how best to combine this special, unique piece full of memories and value with other pieces of jewelery from your personal jewelery collection, so that the look doesn't appear too "dusty" or overly romantic, but cute, a bit cheeky and modern simultaneously.

We would like to introduce you to our favorite "Heart Shaped Jewelry" looks and maybe one or the other of you will find exactly the inspiration you need to give the heart - in the truest sense of the word - the attention it deserves.

The Heart Medallion

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The romantic, personalized look

The Heart Necklace

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The cool, modern look

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The Heart Earrings

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Have fun creating your heart shaped jewelry look!


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