Kennst du deine Geburtsblume? 

Do you know your birth flower?

Flowers have always had a fascinating, sensual and also mystical character for people. Like us, each type of flower has its own unique character and each month is associated with a specific flower. Normally, certain characteristics of a person would be more associated with their zodiac sign of the month of birth, but the "floral zodiac signs" are assigned special characteristics that reveal something about your personality and your nature.

Since we found the idea of ​​a birth flower as a personal piece of jewelry to be particularly beautiful, we designed our Birthflower Collection . The elliptical medallions were lovingly hand-engraved with the 12 birth flowers and are ideal as a personal talisman, as a gift for a loved one or for the birth of a newborn.
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But first it is about finding out which is your personal birth flower and which characteristics of the flower you can recognize in yourself.

January: Carnation

The carnation stands for solidarity, for great emotions and friendship. Those born in January are said to be particularly loving and romantic. This stems from the Renaissance, when the flower most strongly acquired its characteristic symbolism, which persists to this day, namely that of marriage and love. The intrinsic desire to be different is also one of the character strengths of children born in January and is also represented by the carnation.

February: violets

The dainty violet may seem a bit inconspicuous at first glance, but the unique scent is very attractive and is even used in the perfume industry. Due to the external appearance, the violet stands for modesty, innocence and loyalty. Those born in February are attributed to these virtues, as well as mindfulness, loyalty and affection.

March: Narcissus

As one of the first flowers of the year to bloom, the daffodil is the absolute harbinger of spring and its bright yellow color whets the appetite for warmer days. The daffodil is seen as a symbol of courage and new beginnings, which those born in March value very highly. It also stands for values ​​such as consideration and courtesy.

April: daisies

The daisy may be seen as a simple flower, but it is also the friendliest flower in our meadows. It symbolizes happiness and true joy. April children can enjoy the little things in life. In addition, the daisy is considered a symbol of loyal love, because who knows the love oracle "He loves me, he loves me not...", for which the daisy is used, doesn't ?!

May: Lily of the Valley

It stands to reason that the lily of the valley is the birth flower of the month of May. The flower radiates youthful freshness and perfect beauty. Since they express deep love in the language of flowers, lilies of the valley were often used in bridal bouquets, because the green of the leaves stands for hope, the white of the flowers signals purity. Those born in May are also said to be graceful and humble.

June: Rose

The queen of all flowers is dedicated to those born in June, which is nicknamed the flower of paradise and stands for perfection. And the rose is also one of the most popular flowers given as gifts. But to find out the true meaning and message behind it, you have to pay attention to the color: while red stands for passion and romance, white is attributed to innocence, yellow to friendship and pink to youth and beauty. June children are as diverse as the characteristics of the rose.

July: Larkspur

The delphinium is considered a plant with a big heart, because it is said to speak in the name of love and connect two souls. Therefore it is also to be understood as a symbol for loyalty. With its magnificent flower candles, it makes you think of summer, love and light-heartedness. Everything that is fun and inspires enthusiasm. A real summer flower and therefore exactly the right birth flower for all midsummer babies.

August: gladiolus

For those born in August, the gladiolus, also known as the iris, is the birth flower. The high-growing flower radiates pride, admiration and pure beauty and is therefore one of the most popular types of flowers, along with the rose, that are given away as a token of love. Those born in August are characterized by their strength of character, honesty and steadfastness, all traits that can be associated with the gladiolus.

September: Aster

The aster is considered a real child of the sun and its color symbolically defends itself against the increasing darkness and cold of autumn. Due to its shape, which is reminiscent of stars, it is considered a symbol of wishes and hope. It also represents values ​​such as wisdom, courage and trust. These are qualities that are also associated with people born in September. A bouquet of asters shows respect and admiration for the recipient.

October: Marigold

With its powerful, sunny radiance, the marigold is a symbol of vitality. That's why you bet associated with her many positive qualities such as sympathy, wisdom and compassion. Those born in October are said to be full of warming love and thoughts. Its range of therapeutic applications also makes it a popular medicinal plant. Since the marigold warms the soul as a "sun remedy", it has a balancing effect on the body in many ways.

November: Chrysanthemum

Despite the encroaching winter darkness in November, the chrysanthemum continues to bloom colorfully, spreading joy and optimism. Due to its long flowering period, the Asian flower is associated with consistency and fidelity, making November-borns good friends due to their loyal nature. Chrysanthemums also symbolize happiness, honesty and hope.

December: Mistletoe

The mistletoe, which is also green in winter , symbolizes new life and stands for customs and tradition. It is also considered a romantic symbol, because couples who kiss under the mistletoe are promised happiness. The birthday children in December are said to have character traits such as modesty and grace, which are reminiscent of the reserved mistletoe.

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Have fun with your personal, flowery companion!

Your eve's JEWEL team