Mit Solid Gold geschmückt zum Traualtar

Adorned with solid gold to the altar

The wedding dress fits, the matching hairstyle and the make-up have been tested down to the smallest detail, but what about the perfect wedding jewelry for your big day? Are pearls allowed? An opulent necklace or would you prefer a more subtle piece of jewelery to go with an already pompous dress? All the well-known proverbs and customs also make it difficult to grab the right accessories so as not to bring bad luck to the newly-started marriage.

Just as one wishes for lasting happiness in marriage, the jewelry should also be durable and let you indulge in memories for a lifetime when looking at and wearing it. We therefore recommend using pieces of jewelery in robust and durable real gold and give you styling tips; including the pieces of jewelery from our newly launched Solid Gold Collection made of 14 carat solid gold to really shine on the most beautiful day of your life.

The bridal styling

First of all, we advise choosing the bridal jewelry only after choosing the right wedding dress. After all, the jewelry should literally be the icing on the cake and flatteringly underline the appearance of the bride. In general, the more pompous the dress, the more subtle the jewelry. If the dress is simple, large, eye-catching jewelry can be used for that extra portion of glamour.


Depending on the type and taste, the earrings can be discreet to magnificent, but the hairstyle should definitely be taken into account when styling. If you wear your hair loose, you can go for more eye-catching specimens so that they stand out from your head of hair. If you have opted for an updo, subtle earrings are appropriate that do not distract from your face, which is in focus. Small hoop earrings with sparkling diamond stones are ideal for the classic look and definitely suit every bride.
-> See our Diamond Huggies and Baby Diamond Huggies in 14K solid gold .


For necklaces, we recommend adjusting the chain to the type of neckline. If your dress is rather high-necked, it is advisable to opt for a more discreet model that frames the round neckline of your dress if necessary. If you have chosen a strapless robe and a pronounced decoration of your décolleté suits your type, you can do this with a magnificent necklace. If your wedding dress has a V-neckline, chains in the so-called Y-shape or chains with pendants, which thus trace the V-shape of the dress hem, flatter your décolleté.
How about a personal talisman, for example your birth flower combined with your groom's birth gemstone?
-> See our Birth Flower Necklaces - 14K Solid Gold and Birth Gemstone Pendants - 14K Solid Gold


Last but not least, beautiful rings on well-groomed and manicured fingers should not be missing. First of all, it should be said that the wedding ring is definitely the heart of your finger jewelery and every additional model you choose should not distract from the beauty of the wedding ring, but rather emphasize it if you decide to use ring stacking. We suggest four variants of ring styling to match the wedding ring:

The personalized ring for the wedding ring

Delicate, filigree rings with small, real gemstones prove to be ideal combination partners. In addition, the gemstone of your birth month can bring you luck and provide a splash of color in your outfit, as with our birthstone rings.
-> See our birthstone rings - 14K solid gold

You also have the option to create your own 4 gemstone birthstone ring, so you can unite not only your birthstone but also those of some loved ones you love to have around you.
-> See our Family Birth Gemstone Ring - 14K Solid Gold

The mystical ring to the wedding ring

Are you a fan of secret love messages or do you have a "code word" with your groom that only you know the meaning of? You can have this message engraved on our signet ring and thus forge a one-of-a-kind piece that will accompany you on all your paths after the wedding.
-> See our Engraved Signet Ring - 14K solid gold

The traditional ring for a wedding ring

Perhaps the most well-known wedding custom is that you should wear something used, something new, something borrowed, and something blue on your big day. But it doesn't always have to be the blue garter that you keep hidden under your dream made of tulle, satin or chiffon. How about a ring with a glowing, delicate blue gemstone on top instead?
-> See our Iara ring – 14K solid gold with the aquamarine gemstone

The romantic ring for a wedding ring

The most romantic of our gemstone rings, which also works well as an add-on ring to a wedding ring, is our heart-shaped L'Amour ring in the sign of love, which has been refined with a garnet gemstone shimmering in many facets of red tones.
-> See our L'Amour ring - 14K solid gold

And as a tip for all grooms or those who want to become one: Our filigree rings made of 14 carat solid gold with real gemstones are also ideal as engagement rings or as a gift for your bride.

Not all that glitters is gold... So not 14K solid gold

In order to walk down the aisle perfectly styled, you don't necessarily have to dig deep into your pockets and buy real gold jewellery. After all, from a financial point of view, the design of the perfect wedding celebration can significantly reduce the contents of some wallets. The right jewelry for the wedding outfit should not be neglected and deserves dedication when choosing. If your budget doesn't allow for more real gold jewelry, we advise you to use high-quality 925 sterling silver jewelry. Our pieces of jewelery with durable 18-carat gold plating are in no way inferior to real gold jewelery when it comes to gold shine and glamor.

customs and wedding traditions

If you are still missing "something used" in your outfit and you do not want to do without this characteristic according to wedding custom and for the sake of completeness, you can very well fall back on a vintage piece of jewelery inherited from your family.

Tip : It's worth taking a look in your grandmother's, mum's or aunt's old jewelry box! Maybe you can find an old locket that you can put a photo of you and your loved one on and keep close to your heart.
If your family's old jewelry collection doesn't have anything suitable ready, our locket pendants can easily conjure up "something new" in your wedding outfit.
It doesn't matter whether it's heart-shaped, dainty and without frills, or with a significant engraving pattern on the front: Our locket pendants made of high-quality 925 sterling silver offer the right "new detail" for every taste.
-> See our vintage medallions here

Wedding pearls?

It's not uncommon to hear the old saying that every pearl represents a tear in marriage. If you are brave enough to break old traditions and don't attach too much importance to superstition, you can confidently wear pearl jewelry on your wedding day. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than the delicately shimmering mother-of-pearl of the natural product, which also matches the color of your outfit if you are getting married in white.

A stylish pearl necklace or noble pearl ear studs can give the wedding outfit a classy touch and are often even found as "something borrowed" from the bride.
If you prefer modern pearl accessories, we recommend our newly designed pearl bracelet or our pearl ring.
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We have put together a small selection of silver jewelery for the small to medium budget for your big day:
-> Here you can find our wedding collection

And now we hope you enjoy putting together your own individual wedding look and wish you all the best for your big day!