Paulina Sophie x eve's JEWEL

Paulina Sophie x eve's JEWEL

Together with the blogger Paulina Sophie , we designed a 5-piece limited collection that reminds her of her grandmother's vintage jewelry. In her interview, Paulina tells us how the idea for the jewelry came about and gives us an exclusive insight into her life as an influencer.

Discover the design process and the source of inspiration behind Paulina's collection and let yourself be enchanted by the vintage-inspired pieces of jewellery!

Gabriela from eve's: How did you become an influencer and what motivated you?

Paulina: I've been active on my Instagram profile "Paulina_sophiee" for about 10 years now. From an early age I liked to take photos, show my outfits or share what was happening in my life. With the introduction of the stories, the whole thing became even more personal and a small community slowly formed, which I am very proud of today. I am in daily contact with many of them and that is one of the most important things for me: the exchange among each other. I don't do the job content creator - what I prefer to call it - full-time, I'm a teacher and also work full-time in this field. However, Instagram is still one of my greatest passions, which is why I am very happy to be able to call this my profession.

Gabriela from eve's: What inspired you for this collection?

Paulina: a big point is actually my upcoming wedding in August. Because honestly, how nice is it to be able to wear your own designed jewelry at your wedding? Jewelry has always played an important role for me, and my grandmother in particular had a big influence on me. I've always admired her jewelry and to this day I still pay close attention to the jewelry she wears with her outfits. Jewelry gives every look that certain something and tells so many stories.

Gabriela from eve's: How was the design process for you? What did you enjoy the most and what lessons did you learn from it?

Paulina: It was exciting to see which steps you go through, since I had no insight into this industry before. It started with the search for inspiration. I used my grandmother's and great-grandmother's jewelry as a guide, as I also wanted to give my collection a touch of vintage that would evoke a feeling of warmth and, in some, maybe even memories. Then I started drawing until I came up with something that I finally finalized. I really enjoyed the process, the new, the creative and the opportunity to be able to share all of this with my community at the end.

Gabriela from eve's: Which piece of jewelery are you most proud of? What is your favorite piece from the collection?

Paulina: I can answer that very clearly: to the Evermore Ring. I will wear this ring with my wedding dress and it will always tell a very special story for me. I think I can say that the rings - Evermore and Memory - are among my favorite pieces from the collection. They are special, just like the people who will wear them.

Gabriela from eve's: For whom did you create these pieces of jewelery and who do you want to reach with them?

Paulina: Jewelry is for everyone. I am happy about every person who can identify with my jewelry, finds himself in it, feels comfortable with it and who gives my jewelry the final shine by wearing it.

Gabriela from eve's: How do you explain to those who don't know you what your collection is all about?

Paulina: I wish that my pieces of jewelery bring joy, that they can accompany people in their everyday lives and that memories are created with them. Memories that last forever. Memory & Evermore.