Sustainable Clothing by Lena Höller

Sustainable Clothing by Lena Höller

We are happy to introduce you to one of our eve's babes and share their expertise in sustainable fashion with you.
You have seen Lena Höller @ lena.hoeller in one or two photos in our Instagram feed.
As she is very concerned with a sustainable lifestyle, we asked her to talk to us about sustainability in the closet and pass on her tips to us.

eve's JEWEL: What do you generally value when buying clothes?
Lena: I just have to feel comfortable in it. I only buy clothes that make me feel like myself. I don't have to please or impress anyone but myself. I'm also careful not to buy the third gray shirt or the fifth black pants. I almost avoid fashion stores and when I do, I only buy these items second-hand. Preferably via vinted or sellpy.

eve's JEWEL: When do you think a piece of clothing is sustainable?
For me, sustainability means fair, ecological and conscious processing. But also parts that originally come from a fast fashion brand and that you buy again used if they are in good condition are sustainable. And I think it is very important to buy consciously and thoughtfully.

eve's JEWEL: Can you name a few sustainable labels that you like to shop with?
Lena: Colorful Standard, Armedangels, Organic Basics, Souleway - these are my favorite sustainable labels. But slow fashion labels are also simply expensive. That's why I like to use second-hand. But if I want to buy new pants and I have a certain style or cut in mind, I'd rather spend more money and buy ONE good pair of pants that I will then own longer.

eve's JEWEL: What tips do you have if you want to shop more consciously and switch to a sustainable wardrobe?
Lena: Avoid fast fashion stores, don't overconsume, ask yourself if you really need it. When I see a piece of clothing I like, I first look on second-hand websites like willhaben, sellpy, vinted, Mädchenflohmarkt or bethrifty to see if I can find it there in a similar form. And make sure you clean out your closet regularly to make you aware of everything you own.

eve's JEWEL: Your must-haves in your closet?
Lena: Definitely a beanie, I almost always wear it. In winter, an oversized hoodie is one of my essentials. I always feel comfortable with the right hoodie. Perfectly tailored, short jeans for summer.

eve's JEWEL: “keep everything as a team” or “clean out the team regularly”? How do you organize yourself and your clothes?
Lena: I love fashion. i love clothes I love creating outfits. It's a way of representing my personality. I use it to wear a part of me on the outside, so I also own a lot of clothes. Nevertheless, my closet is regularly reorganized and cleared out. I also always give well-preserved parts to friends or sell them.

We would like to thank Lena for the interview and hope that her outfit inspirations will give you a kiss from the muse and even if switching to a green clothing style may seem difficult at first, every conscious purchase of a sustainable piece of clothing that will accompany you for a long time, is a beginning. A nice resolution for 2022 - by the way. ;-)

It should also be said that sustainable fashion can best be combined with sustainable jewelery made from recycled 925 sterling silver, because this too is made to accompany you for a long time and to bring you joy.