What would Audrey Hepburn wear? Pearls – always and forever!

What would Audrey Hepburn wear? Pearls - always and forever!

Pearls – the evergreen among the classically chic jewelry trends never goes out of style and upgrades a simple, inconspicuous outfit in no time at all. Whether in the form of earrings, a pearl necklace or on the ankle - because, according to the style icon of all pearl trends, namely Audrey Hepburn, you can never wear enough pearls anyway!

Once reserved for the upper class and the royals, celebrities such as Grace Kelly and Coco Chanel later fell for the shimmering natural product. To this day, pearls are an integral part of the Chanel fashion house's repertoire, and the image of Audrey Hepburn with the multi-linked, large pearl necklaces in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" became the epitome of all style icons when it comes to pearls, so that since then women all over the world have been reaching for pearls, if you want to give your outfit the finishing touch.

We from the eves' JEWEL team love the shine of our jewelery with freshwater pearls and show you some of our favorite looks with the creation of mother nature.

Necklace à la Audrey Hepburn

Based on our great pearl look role model Audrey Hepburn, we present you the statement chain of our pearl necklaces in the range, namely our large-pearl Dreamer necklace, which can also be embellished with chain pendants thanks to the lobster clasp. If you don't have a pendant to go with your outfit, you can also wear the clasp at the back of your neck to create the classic pearl necklace look.

In combination with our cuddly and tight-fitting herringbone necklace, this necklace becomes an irresistible eye-catcher. If you want to go one better, you can then combine a single pearl pendant with a longer, simple, plain square chain to also create a focal point in the middle of the décolleté.

Our model wears the Herringbone 40 cm necklace, the Dreamer necklace with the Wild & Free medallion and combines it with our personalized name necklace with "Supergirl". The Simple Basic Chain with a length of 50 cm with the Round Lulu pendant completes the eye-catching pearl necklace layering look.

Delicious Audrey

If you prefer the more subtle pearl necklace look, the best thing to do is to reach for a delicate pearl choker, which is worn cheekily tight around the neck and leaves plenty of room for more necklaces. It doesn't matter whether you combine it with other pieces of pearl jewelery or prefer to go for contrasting one-of-a-kind pieces that add a twist to the look. Our look impresses with the name necklace, which is in the focus of the décolleté and makes a statement. Title them with your name or the name of a loved one of yours or with a very special date that you always want to remember.

The look is rounded off by our Pearl White pendant, the design of which impresses with its simple elegance and the flat pearl was additionally framed with silver.

Our model wears the Lulu Choker and combines it with the Sparkling Necklace and the Personalized Necklace with the message "love". The 50 cm Simple Basic Chain with the Pearl White pendant and the Dainty Figaro Necklace with the Evil Eye pendant adorn the center of your décolleté.

Dream team: Hoops & Pearls

Anyone who has not yet dared to wear large gold hoops because they might look too sporty for one or the other, we are happy to prove that there can also be a more lovely style. Because the mix of golden hoops and pearls looks cool and feminine at the same time and the pearl wreath, as in our look, gives the Earcandy look a dreamy touch. Other ear holes can be decorated with smaller hoops and huggies with sparkling zirconia stones, because this creates a break in style that harmonises well with the pearls in any case.

Our model wears the Ivy Pearl Hoops and decorates her other pierced ears with the Delilah Hoops and a Baby Huggie in combination with the Crystal Liv Charm . The Lucina Earcuff and the Crystal Earcuff perfect her earcandy look pimped with pearls.

Charm it up with pearls

Not only hoops radiate more noblesse in combination with pearls, our smaller huggies, which can be mixed with different charms, also deserve to be decorated with the queen of natural products. In our Charms range we have the less obtrusive single bead, namely the Sea Side Lulu Charm and as the name suggests the three bead trio Lulu Charm, which provides the extra sparkle in the look. Worn alone as a charm in the cold season and combined with other summer motifs in the warm season, such as in our look in combination with the Starfish Charm, the trio Lulu Charm is a real multi-combination talent. We also decided on our Jumana ear studs in the first ear hole, which conjure up an edgy touch in the girly ear jewelery look thanks to the chain element.

Our model wears the Jumana Stud Earrings in the first earhole and combines the Sea Side Huggie in the second earhole and a Baby Crystal Huggie with the Flowery Crystal Stone Charm in the third earhole. The Alida Earcuff adorns her ear on top.

Decorated feet may be shown

The sky is shining blue again, the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising. With it also the potential that our ankles see daylight again through shorter jeans or calf-length skirts and should not be neglected when it comes to jewelry. Include adorning your ankles with cute anklets into your daily jewelry routine and you'll soon find yourself feeling naked without a chain around your ankle. Ideal for summer and in line with the pearl trend, we feel a delicate pearl anklet that shimmers and shines with every step you take. Since we can never get enough of pearls, we pimped our Lulu anklet with a round pearl pendant.

Our model wears the Lulu ankle chain and combines it with the Round Lulu pendant for that extra portion of summer on the ankle.

Now all we have to say is: get your hands on the pearls and create your own irresistible and excitingly shimmering look!