Wie es zur Dreamy Collection kam...

How the Dreamy Collection came about...

Now the secret has been revealed and our Dreamy Collection has been launched for some time in collaboration with Nina from Berries & Passion . We hope you have already had time to browse through the dreamlike unique pieces in our online shop and maybe you have already bought them. ;-)

But now we would like to tell you the story of how the cooperation came about.

When we got to know Nina, she met us with her extremely natural, cheerful and good-humored nature. Her authentic nature makes her extremely likeable and that's how she stands out, on her blog and on social media. Down to earth and full of joie de vivre. You quickly get the impression that she is one of us. A friend you like to have with you. How we like to work together in the team around eve's JEWEL as colleagues AND friends. And that prompted us to get in touch with Nina and the idea of ​​designing a joint collection was quickly born.

It was important for Nina that the pieces of jewelery reflect her way of thinking and her attitude, and so it came about that terms such as "positivity, naturalness and joie de vivre" were the credo when designing the unique pieces.

When brainstorming the main motifs for the collection, it quickly became clear in which direction things would go. As an absolute summer child, the sun is an extremely important element for Nina. The sun always reminds them to think positively and enjoy life. She always wears the sun as a tattoo on her skin and she also launched her own fashion label "Hey Sunshine" in the summer and based on this, the sun symbol was fixed as the first motif. Nina also revealed to us that a small star tattoo adorns her finger and that she has a moon tattoo in mind. So the combination of sun, moon and stars came up and we all agreed unanimously with the idea of ​​creating a Dreamy Collection from these motifs.

As a guiding principle for the collection, she gave us her favorite saying and we would like to recommend it to you too: "Keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground", which translates to "Never stop dreaming, listen to your heart and never forget who you are”.

Draft after draft was created and finally we presented our first samples to Nina, which we offered her exclusively to try on and test wear, because after all we are only satisfied with the best quality for our eve's JEWEL wearers.

Nina was visibly happy with the result and we were satisfied with her positive feedback and at the same time surprised at the change in preferences our pieces of jewelry are capable of. Because as a convinced wearer of rose gold, she got a taste for it through the Dreamy Collection and now wears more gold, as Nina announced.

The result is a 6-piece, limited collection that looks dreamy and playful and, like Nina herself, radiates joie de vivre. That is why the pieces of jewelery from the Dreamy Collection are for all women who, like Nina, go through life positively, realize their dreams, believe in themselves and simply enjoy life.

How does the dreamy look à la Nina from Berries & Passion work?
Nina was particularly taken with the combination of rose gold and silver. But the combo of gold and silver is becoming more and more popular with Nina, and she prefers to wear two of our Daydreamer Earcuffs at the same time. Statement ear candy, so to speak. She also loves to play with the motifs of the collection and to wear the sun and the moon together, in the earrings as well as in the necklaces for a layered look.

We hope we were able to whet your appetite!

So have fun shopping the Dreamy Collection & get your Dreamy Look!