Chain Length Guide

You want to create the perfect necklace layering look but are unsure how the different chain lengths look when worn? Then use our chain length guide to help you choose the right length.

Please note that the chain length when worn can vary depending on size and body type!

30 cm + 8 cm : Our shortest chain length, the choker, is worn close to the neck!

40 cm : One of the shorter lengths, worn at the base of the neck and ideal for petite pendants.

45 cm: The classic – skilfully accentuates the décolleté and is ideal for all of our pendants.

50 cm : This chain length lies in the middle of the décolleté, so to speak on the breastbone, and should not be missing in any necklace layering look.

60 cm: Our longest chain length is particularly suitable for showcasing statement pendants.

Do you have further questions or are you unsure? Our eve's JEWEL customer service will be happy to take care of your request and can help you further. For this, send your email to .