Ring Size Guide

You are not yet familiar with our ring sizes and want to make sure that your unique eve's JEWEL fits perfectly before you order it?!
Then use our ring size guide to find out your size. We have three options for you:

Option 1: Diameter Guide

You already own a ring that fits you perfectly and you want to use the size as a guide for your new purchase? The best thing to do is print out our ring size guide and place your ring on our circle template. When printing , make sure that the document has the size of 100% !

Option 2: Tape Measure Guide

But maybe you're a beginner among ring wearers - don't worry, we've found a way to find out your ring size for that too! Print out our ring size guide and cut out our ring size tape. The scissors icon tells you to also cut the slit on the wider side of the ruler. Then place the thinner part of the tape measure around your finger that you want to use to find your size, and push the end of the ruler through the slot. If the measuring tape fits well, i.e. not too loose and not too tight, you can read the number and use our ring size guide (see above) as a guide. The numbers 1-11 each correspond to an eve's JEWEL size.

Option 3: Customer Service

Do you have further questions or are you unsure? Our eve's JEWEL customer service will be happy to take care of your request and can help you further. For this, send your email to office@evesjewel.com .