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How it works:

How can I collect eve's JEWELS?

200 start credits, Initial balance for enrolling in the eve's CLUB

5 for every € that you spend in the eve's JEWEL Shop

50 for following on Instagram

50 for following on Facebook

We'll give you €10 off your next order and the person you refer us to will €10 off their order

100 eve's JEWELS = 1€

In your eve's CLUB account you can see the number of eve's JEWELS you have already collected at any time.

How can I spend eve's JEWELS?

4 easy steps to redeem eve's JEWELS!


Log into your eve's Club account and click on "redeem"


Decide for yourself how many of the eve's JEWELS you want to redeem.


An individual code will be generated that you can use at checkout as you would with a conventional discount code.


Only when you have applied the code will the corresponding eve's JEWELS be updated in your account.